Rules & Downloads

Download our Event Info Pack here, containing all of the details about Oligopoly:

You can learn a bit more about Oligopoly and some of the rules below. You will be provided a Team Pack on the day, with a full list of rules and places to go (we don’t want to give you too much of a head start!)

The aim of Oligopoly is to earn as much ‘money’ as possible. You start with £0 and earn money by ‘checking-in’ to various locations around the city. You can earn extra money by completing challenges and activities but can lose money by receiving fines, so plan your day carefully!

Preparation and planning will be key to your success, so make sure to use your time wisely and work out the most profitable route for your team to follow.

Each location has a value which you receive by checking-in. You check-in by taking a photo of your whole team at that location and uploading it to our online form. You can increase your income by visiting all locations in one group, or by returning to a location to pitch a ‘tent’ or ‘mess tent’ on it. There are fines for being late and un-Scout-like behaviour and you can complete Activity and Challenge Badges for some bonus money.

No bicycles, scooters or any other form of public or private transport are to be used at all, except Explorers who may use the tram network.

Games Masters will be based at the Start/Finish location in Mission Control. It is their job to approve and reject ‘check-ins’, distribute fines, answer the emergency phone line and ensure everyone is having fun. Their decision is always final, and any cheating will be taken extremely seriously.

The name Oligopoly comes from a market structure where a small number of firms control the market. They work together, focussing on quality and efficiency to ensure they make the most money, just like in the game!

There will be multiple games running simultaneously around the city, so you may not be directly competing with every team you see, but there will be prizes for the winners in each game and overall.

Download our event Risk Assessment here (please note this is subject to change and groups should also have their own risk assessments, to cover their own specific risks not included in the event risk assessment):