Scouts completing expedition challenge
Scouts having just finished the expedition challenge

At 8:30 AM on Saturday 4th May six of us caught the train from Attenborough Station to Duffield Station. Our target was to walk from Duffield Station to West Hallam.

 We got off the train at 9am and set off aiming for Allestree Park where we would have lunch. At 11:30 we made it to Allestree park however we came in through the car park so Connor made us go back to the Entrance.  At 11:45 we sat down and ate our lunch. Around about 12:45 we started to head towards Drum Hill. We only had three miles to go However we had a hill climb so it took around 3 hours. At 3:45 we reached Drum Hill campsite where we would spend the night. All the tents were up and everyone’s kit was unpacked by 6 .30pm. We then started to cook our dinner. We all had stew, mine went really well because I brought a Marks and spencer ready meal so all I had to was heat it up. Ethan’s and Mitchell’s didn’t go so well because they brought tinned meat and it smelt like cat food. Anna, Ben and Aiden claimed there’s was nice but it didn’t look it. After dinner we chilled out ready for day 2.

We all woke up at 8:00am hoping to leave for 9:30. For breakfast we had bacon, eggs and sausage. After breakfast we started to put the tents away but that got delayed because they were soaking wet so we had to wait for them to dry. We finally got the tents dry and packed away but Connor wouldn’t let us go until we put everything away. At 11:30 we set off aiming for kirk Hallam. The day turned out to be very eventful. We had to cross a stream, got chased by a dog, watched three deer run into a fence and got attacked by Geese. We then had to turn around and go back through the Geese’s field to tell the farmer. At 4:55pm we arrived at West Hallam nature reserve where our parents were waiting to pick us up. 

Over all the expedition challenge has been a lot of fun and given me a chance to learn new skills.