1st C&A has been expanding for a while now, but it has finally reached a point where our waiting list was at breaking point. It’s never easy saying that we are full, but fortunately we have come up with a solution! Witham Beaver Colony launched on the 6th November, led by Dodo and Owl. In only two short weeks the Beavers have already been doing great activities, including lighting fires using fire steels.

“It’s fantastic to see so many young people getting involved at 1st C&A. This is a great step forward in reducing our waiting list allowing more young people from Chilwell, Attenborough and surrounding areas to access Scouting.”

Pam, Chair of Trustees at 1st C&A (pictured right hand side above)

Witham Beavers are looking forward to joining Trent Beavers, our existing Colony at RedKangaroo later on this term alongside their exciting programme.

Want to join the adventure? We are always after additional volunteers to support our sections! Contact us today!